Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home battles more than you realize.  It goes through hot weather, freezing cold temperatures, and strong winds. It even collects dust, dirt and leaves; damaging your exterior paint year after year. These unavoidable elements leave your home looking tired, dull and drab. Such abuse will diminish the color of your home and cause your exterior paint to peel.
K&M will provide you with a seamless exterior painting job from beginning to end with our expertise and attention to detail. Surface preparation is the key to all our quality paint jobs. We do it right from the start! Pressure washing, mildew treatment, sanding and scraping all take place before paint even goes on. The vibrant end result will last for years to come!

  • Thorough preparation of all exterior surfaces
  • The use of drop-cloths or plastic coverings to protect all areas
  • Power sanding and finish sanding
  • Bleach and Mildew treatment
  • Cleaning and clearing of all gutters
  • Pressure washing to clean all exterior surfaces
  • Glazing of window and door sashes
  • Caulking open seams to prevent water damage
  • Priming all surfaces to seal with the highest quality primer
  • Using the most recognized and trusted quality paints and products
  • Trim repair, refinishing and installation as needed