Interior Painting

K&M understands that the interior of your home or office is not just any paint job. We know that painting your home or office can influence the mood of a room; the right coat of paint may motivate your potential customers to do business with you, while your bedroom’s wall colors may help you relax. We understand the importance of an expertly-done interior painting job, and we can even suggest the best colors for your interior walls! For instance, soft and cool colors create a quieter, more intimate atmosphere; stronger, more intense wall paint will help inspire activity. That’s just sort of deep expertise K&M’s painting services team has!
So let us take your interior walls and convert them from drab to fab. K&M knows all about transforming flat, dull, tired walls into attractive personal spaces, let us show you how we do it!

Surface Preparation & Prime Coat

For best results, K&M begins with precise preparations. All painted areas will be appropriately prepared and included:

  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Sanding loose/peeling paint
  • Filling minor cracks
  • Repairing any foreseeable problems

Quality primer application is the key to longer lasting paint finishes.

Professional Paint Application
Allow K&M to create bold and subtle finishes and give your home a beautiful face lift. We are known for giving careful attention to details, following this process:

  • Seam-less coats of paint
  • Detailed painted trim
  • Completely painted doors
  • Full inspection of all finishes
  • Final touch-ups

K&M specializes in providing top quality interior painting, leaving your home looking like how you dreamed it would look and feel. We will turn your ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces.

It is our pledge to you, our customers, to present you with the highest level of superior service and leave behind an everlasting impression.